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Saturday, January 19,  2019
  • Master Organic Social Media: Learn from top online health experts like Dr. Axe, Naomi Whittle, and Dr. Dan Sullivan how to grow your following.
  • Master Facebook Ads: Learn how the top agencies create Permanent Waitlist Practices with paid ads, software, scripts, and automations.
Does Your Social Media Consistently Drive New Patients?
If you aren't yet a Permanent Waitlist Practice -- you need to be at this event.
From The Desk of Dr. David Touhill & Caleb Hodges

Like you, I spent the better part of my days focusing on my patients and building my private practice, and less on what #hashtag to use on my latest instagram post. Because the truth is, that is what I was trained to do. I knew more about the way leptin effected the brain than how to get more followers online.

When I did take the time to post something online, four people saw it, two of them being my mom and dad. I knew that social media marketing of the future but didn't have the time or the recipe of what to do. I felt like social media was a waste of my time.

I wanted a PLAN and PROCESS, much like I have for the patients that came into my office. Knee Pain? Case history, orthopedic testing, diagnostic imaging, care plan or refer out. I knew it like the back of my hand. And patients paid me thousands of dollars to know what to do. I was committed to figuring it out.

Over the next two years I worked two jobs, doctor by day, social media researcher by night. I started incorporating the tools I was learning into the practice. Facebook and Instagram became my night time patients and I began to create a PLAN and PROCESS that I could incorporate in the practice to effectively build influence in the community and use this influence to drive potential patients to live events, schedule appointments on the website, facebook, and instagram.

My patients loved the content and began sharing it with their friends which quickly made the practice the go to place in the community. I felt that I finally cracked the code.

Using this blueprint, Caleb & I created a service for doctors to drive business using social media and facebook and in the last 3 years we have:
  • Driven over 15 million potential patients to social media accounts 
  •  Built and managed over 2 million dollars worth of facebook ads
  •  Consistently filled offices with stem cell, chiropractic, and functional medicine patients
  •  Built social media accounts for doctors that now have over 15,000 engaged followers 
Since then, Caleb & I have partnered with influencers like Dr. Josh Axe, Dr. Chris Zaino, Jordan Rubin, Dr. Isaac Jones, Dr. Billy Demoss, Dr. Patrick Gentempo, Dr. Stephen Franson and others to strategize with them. I agreed that doctors and health care providers as a whole struggle with developing an effective online social media presence.

With so much focus on things like facebook ads, websites, and SEO, one of the most important part of your business gets overlooked, your image to the public. BUT studies show that people buy from people they trust, especially when it comes to their health.

That's why we created the Doctors Social Media Summit, to give doctors a PLAN and PROCESS to building an effective social media presence and position them as experts in their brick and mortar AND online communities.
Join me and my friends for this one day social media advanced bootcamp were you will:
1. Master Organic Traffic
You've probably asked questions like when to post, what hashtags to use, content creation, paid post boosting, how to film video content, which agencies to hire, etc etc...We are going to make sense of all it and give you simple "cheat sheets" to make it even easier.
2. Master FB ads
Learn from top FB ads experts in the health space how to use ads to drive new patients, even if you've worked with 10 "agencies" already!
3. Build Your Brand
Discover your unique niche, become the local trusted health expert, and create the systems needed to turn your online presence into an endless stream of new patients!
*If you have a staff member that will be assisting you, we encourage you to have them join you for this one day event.
Don't have an agency or not sure if your current ads agency knows up from down? Our Facebook team will be going through:
  •  What you must know about facebook ads as a business owner.
  •  A step by step approach to hiring the right agency.
  •  How to know when to fire the wrong agency
  •  Top converting facebook ads in health and wellness RIGHT NOW
Dr. Josh Axe
Founder of the Largest Natural Website in the World
TOPIC 1: State of the Union: My Predictions For Social Media Success in 2019
TOPIC 2: The #1 Key to Succeed on Social Media
Dr. David Touhill
Lead Social Strategist for 8 Figure Health Companies
Topic 1: How to find the Perfect Social Media Agency
Andrew East
NFL Athlete, Instagram and YouTube Celebrity
Topic 1: Creating Your Content Calendar and Plan
Dr. Jeff Langmaid
#1 Podcast for Chiropractors & Functional Medicine Doctors
Topic 1: Repurposing Content for Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube
Dr. Alex Vidan
St. Louis Cardinals World Championship Physician
Topic 1: How to build Online Social Proof by Getting on TV
Dr. Tony Ebel
Co-Founder of the Largest Pediatric Healthcare Online Training Company
Topic 1: How To Create Viral Events To Drive New Patients Online
Caleb Hodges
#1 Media Buyer for Doctors in Natural Medicine
Topic 1: Creating a Permanent Waitlist Practice With Facebook Ads
Dr. Dan Sullivan
USA Team Chiropractor and Online Programs Expert
Topic 1: Creating 1000 Raving Fans through Consistent Value
Dr. Holly Lucille, ND, RN
Nationally recognized health blogger, author, speaker, tv, and radio host focusing on integrative medicine.
Topic 1: Increasing your Case Value with Supplements

Naomi Whittel
Wellness explorer, Mother, Wife, CEO-and insatiably curious about the healing power of the Earth’s most precious ingredients.
Topic 1: How to Position Yourself as a Online Health Expert
Dr. Isaac Jones
Founder of & Health Experts Alliance.  Multi 7 Figure Virtual Practice.
Topic 1: Using Facebook Live and Facebook Groups to Grow Your Practice
Franklin Cole
Online Business Expert & Private Equity Investor For Internet Businesses
Topic 1: Increasing the Value of Your Business using Paid Ads
Stop Guessing. Over 90% of patients look up their doctor online before making an appointment.
What social imprint are you making in your community? Do your potential patients know you exist? Your social media strategy can literally be the difference between them making an appointment in your office or going to a competitor down the road. My team of doctors and influencers have collected tens of millions of dollars by marketing their services online -- and they’re ready to show you the blueprint.
You know its time to crush it on social media. Sign up for the Summit today!
Here is what sets us apart..
    Every speaker is an expert in their field. You will receive the cutting edge strategies.
    We get the meat of the content right away. You will get a full weekend seminar of information in one day.
    Having a dozen takeaways doesn't help anyone. The goal of this event is strictly growing social media.
    We have been where you are. All content is unique for doctors and healthcare providers.
    We know the value of working from home. Our event requires that you have a working computer. Pants are Optional.
Where is this event located?

This event is completely virtual. You will attend from your computer, anywhere you have a wifi connection.

How fast does my internet have to be?

5 MBPS of upload speed will work perfect. To find out your internet speed, CLICK HERE.

What time of day is the event?

The event will be from 8:30 AM until 5 PM CST. We recommend you set the day aside just lik you would at any seminar you are attending; however, all presentations will be available instantly after they are completed. There will be a one hour break for lunch at 12:30PM CST.

Is this event only for doctors?

While the majority of attendees will be doctors, this event is available for healthcare practicioners that have a physical or online practice.

Can my staff attend this event?

Yes. If you have a team or assistant that will be helping you with your social media, they can attend with the VIP package from their computer -- anywhere.

Can I attend from my cell phone/tablet?

Although we recommend a computer, you will be able to attend the event from your phone using the CrowdCast App

I can' t attend the event. Will it be recorded?

YES! The VIP ticket option will give you all recordings for 1 year (Immediate Access)
Meet Your Hosts

Dr. Dave Touhill

Dr. Dave Touhill is a marketing strategist who has worked with Dr. Axe, CalJam, 10x Doctor, and many others. With his background working in Chiropractic - he knows what works in the trenches and brings these strategies to you.

Caleb Hodges

Caleb Hodges is a veteran of online marketing with millions of sales produced for his clients. With 7 figure launches, winning evergreen campaigns, and hundreds of thousands of Facebook adspend under his belt - he is now focusing on his passion: Helping holistic practices prosper by connecting them with new patients every week. 

He has worked with Dr. Axe, 10x Doctor, Health Experts Alliance, The Points Guy, The Foundation, and many others.
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